World’s most powerful passports

Germans can travel to 127 countries without ever showing a visa. This makes international travel cheaper and easier than it is for citizens of many other countries, like those from Afghanistan, who can enter just 5 countries without a visa.

US citizens can visit 116 countries without having a visa before, other 50 they need a visa immediately on arrival. So it’s a powerful passport. But even that could change over the next years under the current administration. If US foreign policy relations sour with other countries, like Mexico and Germany, visa-free agreements could freeze or break, which would damage the passport power for US citizens.

IN 2019 there are 197 countries worldwide.

Here are some of the 10 highest-ranking countries traveling visa-free.

1. Luxembourg, Singapore, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Germany-  Can travel to 127 Countries visa-free

Germany Singapore passport

2. Spain, Netherland, Belgium, Austria 125 countries visa-free

3. Portugal, Malta, Czech Republic – 124 countries visa-free

4.  Switzerland, Norway, Hungary – 123 countries visa-free

5. South Korea, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia, Cyprus- 122 countries

6. Poland, Slovakia – 121 countries

7. Ireland, United Kingdom – 120 countries

8. Malaysia – 119 countries

9. Romania- 118 countries

10.  Croatia, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong- 117 countries

For further and detailed information for all countries and a more complex ranking considering the categories visa-free / visa on arrival / visa required you should Check here the Passport Index

In this ranking considering all categories the United Arab Emirates are ranked No. 1 (visa free countries: 116; visa on arrival 57, visa required 25).

Hardest times for getting a visa have citizens from Afghanistan (168 countries require a pre-visit visa application and approval, visa-free only 5 countries).

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