Save money when traveling abroad by thinking like an economist

Jay L. Zagorsky, Boston University Leer en espaƱol. A record number of tourists and business travelers visited a country other than their own in the last years, and this year is already on pace to exceed that tally. One thing you definitely need when traveling abroad besides a passport is local currency, such as euros […]

World’s most powerful passports

Germans can travel to 127 countries without ever showing a visa. This makes international travel cheaper and easier than it is for citizens of many other countries, like those of Afghanistan, who can enter just 5 countries without a visa.

Biggest and Greatest Zoos to Visit in the World

Some of the Zoos have extra attractions, such as Sydney Zoo, where the landscape is almost as cool as the animal life, or San Diego Zoo, where you can spend the night “camping” or Singapore Zoo, where you can do a night safari. We have compiled a list of the biggest and greatest zoos in the world for you to visit!

Tips for a stress-free flight

Traveling should be a fulfilling experience. It turns out that planning ahead is the key. These ideas will show you how to minimize your flight-related stress.

How to travel for free- Housesitting made simple

Save money traveling and become a reliable housesitter. Housesitting is an excellent way to travel anyplace on earth – people travel all over the world, and they live almost all of the world. So this is a win-win situation for homeowners and housesitters. Benefits of becoming a housesitter: It’s providing free travel accommodations, what else […]

10 Steps for Traveling Europe Cheap

How many times did you search for plane tickets and thought “I guess it will still be there when I’m 65 and retired.” Don’t be discouraged! I am going to explain how you can travel to your dream country for less than you imagined possible. Step 1. Forget about your exact travel plans The quickest […]

International money transfers – The cheapest way to send money abroad

Banks offer terrible deals for international transfers with high rates but businesses like TransferWise could help you. Fortunately, nowadays there are a lot of options to send money abroad. Banks, building societies, post offices, online currency brokers and others offer this kind of service but they can cost a lot of money. The Western Union […]

A Short Introduction To Berlin

In the past century, Berlin has undergone more identity shifts than Bob Dylan. To many people, Berlin evokes unfortunate images of World War II, a huge grey wall of socialism or stereotyped images of Bratwurst. The truth is that Berlin is THE city of the 21st century. Often the conflict between Old Berlin and New […]

Top 6 Highlights to visit in Croatia

We highly recommend you to visit Croatia. Not only because one of our crew members is a Croatian, but because it’s stunning. Croatians sometimes listen to stuff like “I don’t like the rocks, I like sandy beaches”. Let me tell you something: we have also sand beaches! But mostly it’s rocky. Therefore, the water is […]

Things you HAVE to do while in New York

Anyone who is going to New York for the first time may be a bit confused about where to start. New York is a large city, and it offers new attractions every day. The city can be visited by young people looking for parties, couples, or lovers of art. There will always be something to […]